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the far out monster disco orchestra : dead dance (ltj xperience remix)

I went to fuck yeah festival this past weekend in los angeles and it was fucking AWESOME. at the festival, i had the chance to see some of my favorite artists and had the opportunity to flock among fellow music fanatics and fun people. Saturday was a little tedious, as the lines were incredibly long and it took quite a while to get in due to people cutting in line (shaking fist), but i got to see connan mockasin, slint, albert hammond jr., little dragon, todd terje, CARIBOU, tycho, some of interpol, grimes, and dj Harvey that day! Sunday was definitely better, as i arrived earlier and got to see les sins, mac demarco, thundercat, built to spill, darkside (featured above), blood brothers, jamie xx and flying lotus (also featured above). it was a wicked fun time.

besides enjoying some fantastic musical acts, i got to munch on my favorite festival food- arepas with mozzarella. in case you’re wondering what that is, it is essentially a sweet corncake with mozzarella in the middle. i topped off my beloved arepas (yes, i enjoyed the treat about four times throughout the span of two days) with a gratuitous amount of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. i hate waiting a year to experience the magic of the arepas, so i’m going to have to find a restaurant that serves up those bad boys!

this is what it looks like:

(got this picture from somewhere on the internet, it isn’t mine)

my sweet little baby. 。◕‿◕。
flora flora captured digitally during my bike ride a few days ago.
north hollywood, california.

budos band : the sticks

new budos band!!!!! of course IT IS JUST PERFECT

babes : isn’t it love

once and future band : destroy me

klaus johann grobe : kothek

tarot card I pulled yesterday after interviewing for a job :O! crossing my fingers.
sunday evening was wicked. if you ever get the chance, please check out the new film ‘a girl walks home alone at night.’ it’s the best vampire movie I have ever seen.

hate feeling narcissistic as I post four pictures of myself from the past week, but my homeboy Daniel shot me for GIRLS WITH CURLS again in Washington. here are some of the shots, and check out his awesome website at !

dreams of frolicking in the wildflower fields and being surrounded by the greenery of mount rainier came true for me this weekend.

always fuel your soul with adventure! it’s the most replenishing experience that we, as inhabitants of this glorious earth, can have.

epic day in washington: from north bend to olympic national forest.

Seattle is way boss.

highlight of my workday. a clear example of how I deal with awkward silences.

highlight of my workday. a clear example of how I deal with awkward silences.