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if you guys are in LA this weekend, join me and some fellow locals while we snap some shots of our amazing city. 
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I love it when younger girls look up to older girls as role models and heroes. I love it when older girls enthusiastically support and protect younger girls. I love it when girls are psyched about the skills and accomplishments of other girls, I love it when girls compliment each other, take care of each other, encourage each other. I love it when girls realize how awesome and important they are. I love it when girls are fuckin’ pumped about girls.

shout out to the ladies. 

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wand : fire on the mountain (I-II-III)

forever chasing that golden light.
i’m a lucky lady.
happy anniversary.

kevin morby : parade

lxury :: playground

the fat white family: touch the leather (redux)


the far out monster disco orchestra : dead dance (ltj xperience remix)

I went to fuck yeah festival this past weekend in los angeles and it was fucking AWESOME. at the festival, i had the chance to see some of my favorite artists and had the opportunity to flock among fellow music fanatics and fun people. Saturday was a little tedious, as the lines were incredibly long and it took quite a while to get in due to people cutting in line (shaking fist), but i got to see connan mockasin, slint, albert hammond jr., little dragon, todd terje, CARIBOU, tycho, some of interpol, grimes, and dj Harvey that day! Sunday was definitely better, as i arrived earlier and got to see les sins, mac demarco, thundercat, built to spill, darkside (featured above), blood brothers, jamie xx and flying lotus (also featured above). it was a wicked fun time.

besides enjoying some fantastic musical acts, i got to munch on my favorite festival food- arepas with mozzarella. in case you’re wondering what that is, it is essentially a sweet corncake with mozzarella in the middle. i topped off my beloved arepas (yes, i enjoyed the treat about four times throughout the span of two days) with a gratuitous amount of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. i hate waiting a year to experience the magic of the arepas, so i’m going to have to find a restaurant that serves up those bad boys!

this is what it looks like:

(got this picture from somewhere on the internet, it isn’t mine)

my sweet little baby. 。◕‿◕。
flora flora captured digitally during my bike ride a few days ago.
north hollywood, california.

budos band : the sticks

new budos band!!!!! of course IT IS JUST PERFECT